If you want to get where you want to go, you need to know where you are now and where you are heading. You need a map or you’re unlikely to find your way to your destination. And a seasoned guide is even better. At Zafari we have been helping businesses and organizations achieve proven results for over 14 years. We design tailored itineraries especially for you around your specific marketing needs, and provide an accurate and detailed map illustrating where your company is now, and where you need to head for success.   Deciding to go on a Zafari requires the passion to achieve your goals and objectives and your commitment to take a journey—not just a quick day trip. Companies we work with understand the destination is equally as important as the journey.  We invite you to explore our results and see if a Zafari journey is right for you.

Pamela Cisneros

Designer, web developer, intuitive painter, fledgling songstress, former Beltway Bandit, Zumba lover, fur kid mommy

Christopher Cisneros

Communications guru, designer, project manager, guitar god, composer, songwriter, saxophone player, wannabe pilot


Brand Identity/Logo

A strong brand is more than a catchy name and a logo. Having a compelling brand image reinforces your corporate identity, sets you apart from your competition, and sends prospects, clients, and employees a clear message about who you are and what you value.

A company’s logo is the cornerstone of its image. Our award-winning Nashville, Tennessee and Charleston, South Carolina graphic design team analyzes the marketplace and designs a memorable, eye-catching logo that strengthens your corporate identity. We then extend and reinforce the brand image through a cohesive, well-designed identity suite that includes business cards, letterhead, envelopes and note cards.

Marketing Collateral

Successful marketing collateral must reinforce the brand image and convey an on-target message. But it’s much more complex than piecing together stunning graphics and a few catchy headlines.

Our graphic design Nashville team develops effective marketing collateral that communicates a clear message through intuitive, fresh, and appealing graphic design. Custom designed brochures, advertisements, tradeshow displays, and rack cards help further convey a company’s unique brand image.

Website Design + Development + Marketing | Search Engine Optimization | Social Media

Your website can be your most powerful marketing tool. A website, when designed and developed correctly, works to strengthen your corporate brand personality and provides a clear message for your target audience. Effective websites are more than pretty brochures placed online. When your website design appeals and speaks to your target audience, it compels visitors to take specific a action.

Our Nashville website design team designs and develops high-impact websites that work for your company and for your clients. Creating a clean website design that is easy to navigate ensures your website visitors will quickly and easily find what they want and take the actions you desire.

Once you have a website that sends the right message to your target audience, how will they find it? Search engine optimization, website marketing and social media [Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare] are critical for any successful website launch. Once your site is launched, we will help you get the word out via these key marketing channels to continue extending your companies reach.


Video is the new business card.  It’s not enough to have a website anymore, successful businesses/organizations need a video to engage your audience and show them who you are and why you matter in a compelling way.  Our video production team will work with you from concept, storyboarding, scripting, videotaping, editing, voiceover, music and post-production to ensure your video captures your unique spirit and vision and conveys it to your audience in an entertaining and informative way.

For over 14 years we have had the pleasure of working with individuals, organizations, and businesses of all types and sizes from all over the globe.  Below are some examples of our design work in a few categories including branding, logo design, website design and print which includes brochures, identity materials, advertisements, sales sheets and pocket folders.

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  • Branding
  • Graphic Design
  • Logo Design
  • Print
  • Web Design

Nashville web design

What Our Clients Say

“Making my dream a reality…

Zafari has been invaluable to me since before Day1. For over seven years, Christopher and Pamela have not only reflected my mission throughout all of my marketing channels, they have embraced my vision and contributed directly to making my dream a reality. They continue to grow and change with me as the market changes. Leading Edge Software Solutions would not be where it is today without their creative attention to detail. 

—- Sandy Wilder, Leading Edge Software Solutions, Summerville, SC


“Truly creative and extremely professional…

Working with Zafari has been pure pleasure. While working with them over the past several years, they have made branding our company exciting and rewarding. Team Zafari is truly creative and extremely professional. They took our thoughts and applied their marketing ideas and design concepts for truly excellent results. We look forward to our next creative endeavor with them.

—- Marvin & Phyllis Katzen, Doin’ The Charleston Tours, Charleston, SC


“We are so happy with all Zafari has done…

We have been working with Zafari since our first day of business, which has now been over 10 years. They are one of the biggest reasons for our success and we owe the world to everyone at Zafari! We now own a several other companies and Zafari has already created our company logo, business cards, letterhead, website and so much more. We are so happy with all Zafari has done for us!

—-Keith Rodenberger, The Palms Tanning Resort, Denver, CO

“A huge difference in growing my business…

Zafari has made a huge difference in growing my business. They helped me design several web sites that are easy to maneuver; easy to for potential clients to understand the services/resources I offer; and easy for me to update. Zafari added accessibility and credibility to my consulting/training practice.

—- Margaret Seilder, Seidler & Associates, Charleston, SC

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